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CineMaster VFX Training Sessions
Level:			Mid Level C4D Designers & Motion Graphic Artists
Duration:		1 Day   -  Maximum of 12 people per class. 
Time:			9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location:		Academy Class , Elizabeth House , 39 York Road, London. SE1 7NQ.  
Available Dates: 	Friday - 21st Feb 2014
			Friday - 28th Feb 2014
Cost:			£297.00 ex VAT
Bookings:		For Bookings please contact Academy Class on Tel: 0800 114 3247 and quote Ref: CineMaster

Welcome to CineMasterVFX Training sessions.  

Your Instructor for the day is award winning Creative Director and VFX Artist Justin Bates. Justin has designed and crafted high-end work across Broadcast Television, Commercials and Digital for the past 15 years.  His expertise within Cinema 4D and Visual Effects means he has been able to provide a one-stop shop to his clients covering the entire creative and post production process. http://www.justinbates.com 

Please feel free to have a watch of his Showreel below:http://www.justinbates.comshapeimage_13_link_0

The CineMasterVFX training sessions are aimed towards designers who want to expand their knowledge, skills and creativity when using Cinema 4D.  

Today's artist's whether freelance or employed, have to now encompass so many roles and responsibilities across the creative process. It's no longer acceptable to be just a good designer, companies want you to be the jack of all trades and a master of all! Essentially, you're expected to be the ideas person, realise the concepts, preViz the animatics, execute the build, deliver the final assets and let's not forget the most important part…..doing it ON TIME and ON BUDGET. It's a tough ask and of course it take's many years of hard graft to accomplish all those expectations.
However, with the right supervision and guidance it is possible to start streamlining the way you think and work. Knowing when to keep things simple is as important as knowing when to get technical and delve deep into VFX. Looking at the overall bigger picture of a project is even more crucial than spending a week key framing a single shot! It's about bring everything together to create the overall look and feel of a sequence.

During the day's training you will see and discuss techniques and workflows that are tried and tested in a real world production environment. Years of experience in the industry has taught Justin many things and he would like to share with you some of those methods to help accelerate your learning process. 

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for designers and creative individuals who would like to expand and evolve their 3D design abilities. Whether you're in Broadcast Television, Commercials, Print Design or Digital Media, you will be able to adapt and apply these techniques to your everyday tasks. 

Assumed Knowledge: 

A good knowledge of basic Operating systems either on Mac or PC. A basic/good understanding of Maxon's Cinema 4D interface and tools is recommended. Basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop are recommended but not essential.
What you will learn:

Below are topics that you will be exploring within the days training session.

Project based Techniques:

- Camera setup & Animation - PreViz and bringing your sequence to life.
- Camera calibration and setup for camera mapping
- Camera Mapping using "Projection Man"
- Sculpting & Camera Projections to create a matte painting.
- Creating Realistic Grass - Using hair to clone objects.
- Creating Cloth like Ribbons using Soft body & Rigid body dynamics plus Springs.
- Shiny & Glossy Glass Technique! - Compositing in After Effects
- Using Deformers - Spline Wrap Deformer, Camera Deformer and more
- Character Object - Simple Rigging of a Bird.
- Caching animations - speed up workflows.
- Mograph -Cloners, Matrix, Particles, Selections.
- Mograph - creating a Flock of Birds
- Mograph - Setting up Stadium assets (Sprites, Chairs, Flags)
- Looking at Text
- Advanced Rendering techniques - Physical renderer 
- Compositing tags and After effects

Outline of topics that will be discussed:

-Spline manipulation
-Loading Adobe Illustrator paths
-Working to scale

-Material channels
-Shaders - textures - animated textures
-Reflections,Transparencies & Alphas

-Mograph module
-Dynamics module
-Hair and Fur
-Xpresso (simple uses)
-Real time motion capture
-Key frames & F-Curves (Easing in and smooth motion)
-Animating parameters
-Camera setups & Camera animations

-Some Simple setups and uses.

-Lighting techniques
-Render settings and project set up
-Global illumination lighting
-Ambient occlusion
-Convert 2D photos to 3D models with camera mapping
-HDRI 32-bit panoramas
-Area lights and shadows
-Mattes & Object buffers
-Depth & motion vectors for DOF and motion blur
-When to use 16 and 32-bit formats for higher quality

The Training outline topics and techniques are subject to change without prior notification. I will of course try to cover as many areas as possible within the day but not every subject may get covered due to time..